Meet The Coaches: Dave Emilio

Dave Emilio, who now has 40 marathons under his belt, says that his obsession with running began in 2006 after realizing how out of shape he was at the age of 37. And so it began. He kicked his bad habits to the curb, and started running, at first, just to lose weight but ultimately, to become fitter. He lost 50 lbs in the first year of running, and he hasn’t looked back since. His competitive instinct took over, and he started switching gears from weight loss to improving his form and speed.


A friend told Dave he should sign up for a race, and although at the time he thought only professional hardcore runners participated in races. That was how he ran his first half-marathon.

Many runners have often said that running is an addiction and even though Dave didn’t quite enjoy the aftermath of his first race, within a week he signed up for a full marathon, something that he had always dreamed of doing.

So Dave ran his first marathon, the Ottawa Marathon.

“Every time I beat my own time I would train harder to beat it again. Now the clock is against me,” he explained. “I became competitive with myself and with my peers.”

Emilio first qualified for the Boston marathon in 2009. “My first Boston was quite a thrill, because it is the holy grail of all marathons which many runners hope to qualify for”.  Dave has since run Boston 6 times.

In 2010, Dave started the Toronto Beaches Runners Club which has grown from its initial membership of 15 to over 200 today. The group trains regularly and about half of its members are marathoners themselves.

Dave’s coaching career began at the Running Room where he did a couple of tours-of-duty with the Half Marathon Clinic and then moved on to a couple of years of coaching the Marathon Clinic as well as taking on some individual clients. “I love the fact some people are willing to go above and beyond what they have done previously in order to get results. This is what it takes to improve and that motivates me to be the best coach I can be”

A long list of Dave’s athletes have gone from couch potatoes to Marathoners and many have gone on to achieving marathon personal bests and to qualify for, and compete in the Boston Marathon. He’d love to add you to that list!

You can check out some of Dave’s testimonials here.

Personal Records

5 km – 18:40
10 km – 39:20
Half-Marathon – 1:27:36
Marathon – 3:08:30
Ultra Marathons
50km – 4:39:00
100 km – 11:30:00

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