Susan’s 2016 Boston Marathon Race Report

This past January, I signed up for Stan, Olivia and Dave’s new program, Adaptive Running Academy. I didn’t realize how tough it would be, and how much I would end up loving it.

My goal race was Boston 2016 along with some of my Beaches Runners Club and Adaptive Running Academy friends. Last year, my first Boston was a pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed it and took my time: I had a beer on the course and high-fived lots of people. But this year was going to be business.


After four months of amazing training with Adaptive Running Academy I set out with a goal to keep a faster pace than I thought I could. One of the things that helped me through Boston was having a mental model. Often during a race I hit the wall and I want to stop, so I needed to have a plan to cope with that. Coach Stan suggested that I pull over to the side and walk for ten seconds to regroup and then pick it up. I love rules! In the end, I probably took ten of these walk breaks during the race, instead of many full-minute walks. This is one of the best things I learned!

For those of you who know me, I have a tendency to “shop” on race courses. This year, I promised that I would not, nor would I stop for a beer. I did, however, stop to hug Dave’s famous friend Danny and he kindly offered me a beer. I sadly had to decline because I promised my group that I would behave.

Just before the Newton Hills I was surprised to be running next to my family doctor who delivered all of my three kids. We ran the first hill together, then she wished me the best of luck and I continued on my way. How lucky was I to run with her: she holds the record as the only person to win her age group at Boston five years in a row.


At the top of Heartbreak Hill, I scored a long stem red rose from a kind lady who was handing them out to commemorate her first Boston Marathon. It was another special gift during my race.

I was also lucky enough to have my kids at the race. My daughter jumped onto the course and ran with me at the 35K mark, hoping to run me in. She quickly learned after only 12 minutes why we train and left the course. While she was trying to get off the course, spectators were encouraging her to stay on and finish, because they thought she was actually running the race!

When I finished, I was very happy with my almost 5 minute PB: my time was 4:01:24.

One of my great memories of this day was the amazing people who lived on the route and gave out orange slices, wet paper towels and ice. I was so appreciative of their gifts.

2016 Adaptive Boston.jpg
The rest of the Adaptive crew sans Susan, who was probably out shopping, I mean, mentally preparing for her race

I’m so grateful for being a part of an amazing training group and accepting being uncomfortable during those “poke your eyes out with a fork” runs. I honestly didn’t think that I would succeed as much as I did. Thank you to Adaptive and all my training friends. I look forward to my next marathon!

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