2016 Ottawa Marathon Race Report

We are very proud to present a race report by one of our own, Craig Zavitz.

Congratulations on a race well run!


I had committed to my 2nd Around the Bay and started up my training in October.  Around February I decided that I would use this event as a spring board for my 1st marathon. To make it special I decided I would run it to honour my later Mother and raise some funds for a charity in her name. It had always been a goal of mine.

While I had completed a few half marathons and the 2015 Around the Bay I knew that the marathon was a different animal. In talking with a friend at work it dawned on me that I needed a coach in order to achieve my goal & stay healthy throughout the experience.

image1 (1)

Living in the beaches area of Toronto provides access to great trails & of course many runners. I wanted a coach who could work with my schedule. I have a busy career and a young family. Luckily I discovered the Adaptive Running Academy and coach Stan Ong. From day 1 he made me feel like I was part of the team. Many of the runners he was coaching were working towards the Boston Marathon (early April) or the Good Life Toronto (1st week of May). Thankfully there was another runner working towards the Ottawa Marathon and I was quickly onboarded into the program. I started on March 8th!

Stan quickly pulled together a great program completely based on my goal of running a sub 4 hour marathon. The program was easy to follow and fun. What instantly impressed me were the various types of coaches and runners in the program. Adaptive even has its own chiropractor – Jane Weber – who helped fix a few small issues I had with my hamstring and ankle. The complete package of coaching services & added value services impressed me from day one.

The training was tough – there is no question you must work hard – but I can tell you this if you follow each of the days properly you will achieve your goals and stay healthy. That was a common theme I heard from friends who had trained for marathons – they all seemed to get injured. Coach Stan starts with your goals and then builds a plan for you. It takes some getting used to but it is a game changing program.

With my schedule I had to rely on email and let me tell you Stan gives you his all through email communication. He is fast and thorough and never hesitates to help you out. Leading into the race I had a small injury, which we worked through and adjusted. On top of this you get a phenomenal 4 week out nutrition and strategy guide – which takes you right up to 15 mins before your race.

image1 (2)So my young family and I piled into our car and made our way out to Ottawa. While heading there I had been following the weather reports – and was getting concerned about the rising temperatures. They were calling for 30+ and humidity. Most of my training had been done in colder weather so I was concerned about how I would react to the temperatures. Stan was quick to provide me with some extra tips & was a great ally when the organizers of the marathon were contemplating cancelling the race. He had me stick to the strategy & had an endless supply of great ideas.

The morning of myimage1 (3) race was beyond exciting – I wrote down all of Stan’s tips onto a piece of paper and had it close to hand for the run – literally in my pocket. The weather was tough – but my p
lan was sound. I kept true to my strategy and ran a great race. When it was all said and done I finished at 3:56 a time I am very proud of given it was the hottest day in the history of Ottawa in the month of May.

marathon in Canada’s capital. A life goal accomplished with my family there to cheer me on. This doesn’t happen without the great coaching of Stan and the team at Adaptive. If you want to run a marathon and do it well – Adaptive is the way to go.

One thought on “2016 Ottawa Marathon Race Report

  1. Congratulations Craig on a great result – your training has paid off, and you’ve definitely aligned yourself with a fantastic team!


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