Do I Really Need A Coach?

One of the things that I hear a lot from runners around me is “Coaches are for fast runners only” or “I’m (or he or she is) too slow to have a coach” or something to that effect. I have to say that this is indeed quite disappointing to hear.

To me, getting a coach isn’t about how fast or slow I am (or for that matter, how fast or slow everyone else is) but it’s more about learning to become a “better” runner.


And “better” can mean many things. For some, it means becoming a faster version of your previous best self while for others, it could mean being able to make it to race day completely injury-free.

Better can also mean finding that group of runners that you enjoy running hard with, night in and night out. Or it could mean, learning new concepts about running science, nutrition, strategies, etc.

Whatever your better is, I would encourage you to sit down and really think about getting a coach. It really isn’t just for the elite runner. If anything, it applies more to us recreational runners than anybody else. A coach can help guide you through your workouts so that you are training at the right intensity and effort. A coach can better spot your areas of development and help make you stronger. A coach can help stop potential injuries by adjusting your workouts during the training season.

For this season, why not give coaching a try? It might be the change you need to help you run and train better.


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