Runner Spotlight – Craig Z

I am pleased to shine the spotlight on one of our runners. Craig started with us in the middle of last year’s winter season with two goals: Around The Bay in Hamilton (which is the oldest road race in North America) and the Ottawa Marathon.

Now after his first full year with Adaptive, Craig shares his journey with us.


This year I only had time for one race – so I set my sights on improving my Around the Bay time. This was my 3rd year in the race but the first full year with Stan and the newest coach Larry specifically training for ATB.

The training started in December & it was a blast. Long runs were challenging to schedule but I made it work. The group training was really good – we had a great group going out Tues and Thurs nights and the local BRC even had runs Tues & Friday am so there were always folks to go running with.

Adaptive strives to help recreational runners realize their potential. Most if not all of the runners who use Adaptive get PBs of some kind.

Below are my 3 times for ATB since I started getting into running –note the ‘Adaptive factor’ J.

Year 1 – 2015 – 2:54

Year 2 – 2016 (last 6 weeks before race with Adaptive) – 2:36

Year 3 – 2017 – 2:30:20 – all with Adaptive

The amazing thing about Around the Bay 2017 was that I know if I stick with Stan and his team I’ll likely drop even more time – talk about results!!!

What’s next? Not sure maybe something in the fall – either way if you are reading this and want a PB sign up now before the secret gets out.

Till next time!

Craig Z.

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