Karen Simpson

Day Job:

Leader in recruiting for the last 25 years. I currently work with one of North America’s largest banks helping them source top talent for Women in Leadership roles. My goal is to work myself out of a job!

My PassioKaren 10Mn:

I always wanted a big family so being blessed to raise 4 kids was a dream come true. In my late 40’s though I transformed myself and found another passion; climbing mountains. This passion lead me to running. After climbing mountains in Colorado and Africa, I knew I wanted to climb around the World so I started to research how mountaineers stay in shape. Most run distance and one expert suggested incorporating something I really don’t like into my weekly training to help mentally train for crazy summit days. At the time running was the activity that I was least likely to do willingly so that began my distance journey. Looks like I’m going to have to find a new summit training activity since I now have a love of running, well, mostly love.

What I Want to Accomplish:

I am currently training for the Ottawa Marathon so that’s my next big goal. If all goes well there I hope to take on one Ultra race. My husband laughs when I say this, “I know you, it’s never just one”. I love the half marathon distance and plan to run many around the World. I ran Scotia last October for charity and raised a lot of money for Alzheimers by challenging my sponsors to dress me in purple for the race. I plan to run many races for charity and in costume, it was so much fun. Lastly, there will be many many more mountains. Big ones! Running and lifting weights will always be core to my training.

 What I’ve Done Already:

Within 2 years I went from it taking me 5 months to run a 5 km race without stopping to running 2 full marathons at the age of 52. Scotia in October of 2014 was my 1st full and Disney was my 2nd, less than 3 months later. I’ve also run 2 x 30 km races, 9 x half marathons and many other distances from 5k to 10 milers. I’ve also completed 2 Tough Mudders and a Spartan race. I love being outside in any conditions. I’ve climbed 4 major summits around the World including Mt Beirstad in Colorado, Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mt Rinjani in Indonesia and last August my 1st glacier Mt Baker in Washington State. Now 53, I want to be as badass as possible, show my kids and everyone else you can not only turn your life around but reinvent your fears.

Of What Am I Most Proud:

I’m still shocked I trained for and ran a marathon. It’s a huge accomplishment for anyone! I can say I learned more about myself taking on that goal then any other. I run with a titanium brace on my right leg, sure I have an excuse to stop running but honestly I prefer the #NoExcuses approach to life. Inspiring people to transform and take on challenges at any age keeps me inspired to keep going.

What’s Your 1 Big Learn From Adaptive Training?  

I used to do speed and hill training with a group, never felt I got much benefit but did get injured. The customized pace and hill interval training I’ve been doing the last 4 months has helped me tremendously with mind distraction. Even more than increasing my speed and strength, it helps me mentally deal better with the distance. I totally believe in the whole program. Who woulda thought I could run 21.1 without gels?!

Find out more about Karen at www.karengeterdone.com