“I reached out to Stan with 10 weeks to go before the 2015 Chicago Marathon. I found myself wanting to get faster, up my mileage without risk of injury. As a chiropractor, I treat a lot of athletes myself with specific running injuries so Stan was the perfect coach for me. He bases a lot of his knowledge on research but also incorporates a wealth of personal experience targeting his athletes strengths and weaknesses. His adaptive running philosophy worked as I  PR’d by almost 5 minutes. I am excited to work with the team of coaches again and run a strong Boston next spring.”

~Dr. Jane Weber


“Stan knows his stuff. With only 9 weeks before the big day Stan helped me get a huge PR. He pushes you hard when you need it, but your easy days are just that-easy.  He is not only knowledgeable about running but also provides the needed help with strength and nutrition. Stan goes above and beyond for his athletes. There is no doubt that Stan will help me reach my next running goals with his adaptive training method.” 

~Rachel Mirvish


“I have had the pleasure and privilege to have Dave Emilio as a mentor, instructor and inspirational running coach for over 8 years. I met Dave as my running instructor while training for my first 1/2 marathon, which I ran in Ottawa. This race was most memorable, not because I had a DNF from suffering heatstroke at K20. It was memorable because on finding out of my condition, Dave embraced me with a bear hug, and told me I was a champ, and more races would come. 

That motivated to train with Dave for my first Marathon. I was told by my physician that perhaps I was not the right body type for marathon training or events. Dave patiently and methodically mentored me, encouraged me and supported me to three Marathons. Dave speaks from his heart, intelligence and his can-do personality. I can say with confidence, I would not have had the courage to train for marathons without the faith that Dave had in me, as one of my mentors and inspirations.”

~Graham Vardy


“When I returned to marathon running in my early 50s, qualifying for Boston was not even on my radar. But after finishing a spring marathon within 10 minutes of the qualifying time, I turned to Dave who I had met through his leadership of a Running Room program to see if he could help me with a personal program and mentorship. The plan he provided was excellent and his ongoing support helped me immensely. This guy simply knows his stuff, the mental and the physical, is enthusiastic about the sport, treats everyone equally regardless of talent and experience, and is a very good teacher.

At Scotiabank later that year I blew up. Dave would not permit me to stay down. That’s the kind of guy he is. He gently but firmly reminded me I had done the work required to take another shot at qualifying three weeks later. He included a maintenance program to get there. And it worked! I got my BQ and went on to run Boston twice. You have to be willing to do the work, but I have no doubt Dave can help improve the times of any runner who turns to him for help.”

~Hugh Stuart


“I am so lucky to have had Olivia’s expertise and constant support as a running coach, cheerleader, and friend during my marathon training. Olivia taught me to “Find My Strong” during the tough times and motivated me through a lot of runs.

Despite weather and a busy life, I always looked forward to the fun times with out Beach marathon clinic, which became more like a family; each of us inspired the others in our group to be our best.”

~Susan Wilson 


“I met Olivia last winter when we both trained in the Beaches Running Room marathon clinic.  Whenever I ran with Olivia, I always experienced her as someone with whom I could comfortably share my goals, struggles and successes as a runner.  I always enjoyed running with Olivia because she pushed herself, which made me push myself.   It was a tough winter to train in, but it was made easier by training with a passionate and encouraging runner like Olivia.

After completing my first full marathon in the spring, I joined the spring marathon clinic where Olivia had signed up to be the instructor.  As a marathon clinic instructor, Olivia made the training accessible to everyone at every level by sharing her knowledge and experience in a way that was not intimidating or complicated.  She was not afraid to share her goals and challenges as a marathon runner, which served as a model for all of us.

Olivia knows a lot about running, both because of her experience and because of the time she has invested in learning about it.  Her genuine enthusiasm for the sport, as well as her personal drive,  continue to push me in my marathon training.”

~Nereo Bonomo